Living It Up

5 Tips to help you start living it up in your stylish living room

1. Don’t be afraid to use color to set the mood.

The color of your space can greatly impact the way your guest feel in the room. Yellows can set an energized and happy atmosphere while the color blue can relax your guest. According to Better Homes and Gardens, ” A serene scheme of soft blue and white makes this spacious living room feel calm, cool, and collected–a gracious setting for elegant gatherings. A light tan carpet underfoot warms the space and keeps the cool tones in balance”
2.  Don’t forget to put your personal touch on walls and ceilings.

Traditionally, living room walls receive more elaborate or formal treatment than other rooms because the room is a public space. To make it a welcoming room that expresses your personality, choose wall coverings or treatments that reflect your style. Add wallpaper with a chic print. The effect will brings warmth and texture to walls and gives them a look of antiquity.

3. Add Character Architecturally

Trim work can serve practical purposes by covering the seams where floors and ceilings meet walls and supporting the structure around openings. But these elements serve aesthetic purposes too. The style of trimwork helps give your home a distinctive look, whether classical, contemporary, old-world, or regional.

4. Flooring with Comfort and Style.
In keeping with the function of the living room as a public space, choose a floor covering that provides comfort while also making a design statement. If you are too scared to make the commitment, think about area rug. Many times, you make also purchase rim-nets of carpet on discount, which can often be binded and used as an area rug.

5. Create a Focal Point

A focal point anchors the living room and helps draw you into the space. A fireplace is a natural focal point, symbolizing hearth and home, but in most living spaces, the television is the true center of attention. To keep them from competing, pair them up. A beautiful view or a stunning piece of art can also serve as a room’s focal point.









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