Why do Realtors love glamour shots?

Have you ever wondered why Realtors always have Hollywood glamour shots on their business cards?  I am sure you have seen the elaborately painted SUV’s that are engraved with the names, phone numbers, websites and email addresses.  It always baffles me why we do this.  Yes, even I fall victim to it!

It is purely an attempt to get your attention.  Once we get it, we hope we can make a connection.  Connections lead to relationships and relationships are the business we are in.   Marketing in the real estate industry is getting an overhaul.  With the birth of social media everyone is looking at advertising in a whole new light.   I am a perfect example of this “new” marketing.  I tweet, I am on myspace, facebook, Aim, yahoo, blogger, word press, bebo, I text message, instant message, skype and today I even fring!  It is all in an attempt to get your attention.

So forgive my poor writing skills because I will never be a good blogger but I am a great Realtor.  I  hope I can share useful information about what I do so you can learn from my expertise.  Maybe I will throw in a funny story or too!


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